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PRODUCT OWNER (product Marketing)

No. 46 Lang Ha Street, Dong Da District, Hanoi, Vietnam

About the Role


Job Description

  • Analyze the needs and trends of the market and competitors

  • Analyze the organization's ability to meet market needs

  • Monitor and analyze market trends, assess market potential and needs

  • Work with the team to develop product launching strategies to support pricing, product positioning and target segmentation

  • Build product vision, make feature list, decide product features by milestone

  • Responsible for the product development process

  • Be able to research, develop and build new products constantly following technological trends

  • Build product roadmaps and optimize features for a better user experience

  • Pack marketing/communication products and services, generate ideas and work with partners to pay marketing/communication products in line with market needs

  • Build plans to launch new products or remake existing products

  • Report changes needed to support existing customer retention and new customer acquisition

  • Have Understandings of the marketing industry , the market, how it works, the channels


  • At least 1 year of experience as a PO of Product company

  • Has a good ability to analyze UX Analytics

  • Ability to work more deeply, in detail

  • Has user-centric, data-driven mindset

  • Be able to use user analysis tools ( Firebase, Google Analytics...)

  • Know how to use visualization tools is an advantage (Data studio, SQL...)

  • Understand the product development process, having experience in agile teams is an advantage

  • Understand the A/B testing process and roll-out features is an advantage


  • Fixed salary: Depending on capacity.

  • Bonuses according to successful projects.

  • Travel with company every year.

  • Weekly training/sharing.

  • Free fresh coffee every day.

  • Pay social insurance according to regulations.

  • Trained in self-development skills and professional improvement programs.

  • Participate in professional events, expand networking and update new marketing knowledge.

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