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No. 46 Lang Ha Street, Dong Da District, Hanoi, Vietnam

About the Role


Job Description

*During Pitching:


  • Research on target customer insights, PR channels and press outreach habits and trends

  • Audit of implemented PR activities of brands and competitors

  • Research and update on the latest trends in PR implementation


  • Work closely with Strategic Planner, Creative Planner, Copywriter, Client Services, in proposing PR plans based on audience insight in alignment with brand budgets, strategies, goals

  • Work with press booking agencies, organizing events, to complete the plan and optimize the budget

  • Coordinate with Project Manager to control the quality of contractors' plans

*During the Execution:

  • MCoordinate with Project Manager to plan/ control the quality of contractors' PR plans

  • Control the quality of PR tasks: preparing Media Kits, press releases, PR booking, organizing press conferences

  • Build and maintain close relationships with press units, booking PR, journalists

  • Manage the implementation activities of the contractors, evaluate the periodic results and the end of the project

  • Monitor throughout the execution phase and optimize communication performance based on KPIs

  • Evaluate the final results of the project, propose and implement options for improving work performance in subsequent projects

  • Perform other tasks assigned by the manager


  • Minimum 3-5 years of experience in Media - Press - Events

  • Experienced in PR, working with press agencies, journalists, booking agencies

  • Research, analysis & evaluation skills

  • Good teamwork, ability to lead, control the project, develop the team


  • Fixed salary: Depending on capacity.

  • Bonuses according to successful projects.

  • Travel with company every year.

  • Weekly training/sharing.

  • Free fresh coffee every day.

  • Pay social insurance according to regulations.

  • Trained in self-development skills and professional improvement programs.

  • Participate in professional events, expand networking and update new marketing knowledge.

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