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No. 46 Lang Ha Street, Dong Da District, Hanoi, Vietnam

About the Role

  • Being the representative of the company to work directly with customers, receiving requests from customers and communicating with departments in the company related to the project.

  • Based on customer requirements, coordinate with relevant departments to research, give ideas and implement orientation.

  • Support, consult customers' requests in the field of expertise related to the service.

  • Coordinate with the production department to implement and manage signed projects. Responsible for monitoring the quality and managing the implementation progress so that the project is on track and committed to the progress between the company and the customer.

  • Coordinate with the finance and accounting department to complete all procedures for contract signing, acceptance & contract liquidation.

  • Responsible for reporting to the line managers or higher managers when required.


  • At least 4-5 years of experience (candidates with experience working at IMC, Branding agency, Advertising agency are preferred)

  • Ability to communicate, manage teams and projects, arrange internal resources and contractors to meet the work’s goals and assignments of the client/company with budgets from 2 billion or more.

  • Ability to negotiate, handle situations flexibly in the process of working with customers

  • Possess visual thinking skill

  • Able to cope with high pressure and challenging projects;

  • Thought of stable career development, self-study ability and desire to expand skills and knowledge.


  • Fixed salary: 16,000,000 – 22,000,000 VND/month depending on capacity.

  • Bonus according to successful projects.

  • Travel with the company every year.

  • Pay social insurance according to regulations.

  • 12 days of annual leave + 1 day of birthday leave

  • Weekly training/Sharing.

  • Free fresh coffee every day.

  • Receive training in self-development skills and professional improvement programs.

  • Opportunity to participate in professional events, meet experienced people, and expand relationships.

  • Access to a variety of fields and industries, improve professional knowledge and social skills.

  • Professional, supportive working environment, open-minded culture and deliverable mindset.

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