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No. 46 Lang Ha Street, Dong Da District, Hanoi, Vietnam

About the Role


Job Description

  • Working directly with customers, receiving information requests from customers and working with internal teams to meet customer needs

  • Customer care, timely response to questions and requests that customers make

  • Agreement on signing contracts, handling documents related to the project

  • Coordinate with the internal team to implement and complete the project


  • Understanding of marketing/branding/communication

  • Ability to communicate in English and work with foreign partners

  • Deliverables, business mindset, customer service mindset, open mindset

  • Proficient in office tools

  • High pressure resistance

  • Experienced in Marketing/Communication


  • Fixed salary: 10,000,000 – 13,000,000 VND/month depending on capacity.

  • Bonuses according to successful projects.

  • Travel with company every year.

  • Weekly training/sharing.

  • Free fresh coffee every day.

  • Pay social insurance according to regulations.

  • Trained in self-development skills and professional improvement programs.

  • Participate in professional events, expand networking and update new marketing knowledge.

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